It’s well documented I didn’t like government intervention concerning this virus. Folks said, “all they are asking is for you to remove your seating”. I’ve been around long enough to know the difference between a knock on the door and some stranger sitting in my chair. They were sitting in my shop. They weren’t knocking or asking to come in. This was demand under threat. And they believed they were so right! Ha!

It was so disappointing that so many agreed with our leaders. But it was exhilarating that so many people didn’t! I enjoy their patronage to this day.

This was in March 2020. Move your chairs or else. “Is this too much to ask of you Randy?” they said. By Thanksgiving 2020 we were being told how many people we could eat with on Thanksgiving. This after the mandates, closings, arrests and threats. Yes, it was way too much to ask.

We also offered curb service and delivery dating back to the early 90’s. We keep a clean well organized shop as a rule. I didn’t need my elected officials telling me this.

I believe in people. Give us good information and we will make good decisions. Sometimes not, but most of the time yes. I encourage people to make their own decisions. Only I can decide what’s best for me, others are the same.

I knew we were in for it as soon as they said business was “responsible” for the safety of their guests, when it comes to the virus. I was hung up on “responsible” because that leads to blame. No one is to blame but the government pointed at us!

I don’t know, this was my experience and I could be all wrong. What I know I’m right about is that Good’s Candy Shop weathered all that was thrown at us. We learned so much about people. We developed new friendships and countless new guests. We are one of the lucky ones! It’s better to be lucky than Good’s. Did I say that right? Ha!

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