Again, this depends on who and where you are. I asked in March of 2020 for masks from our local board of health. “There is no mention of this as of now as it’s believed it won’t help”. This is where the curves are compromised with high speed. Almost anyone you ask why we didn’t use masks in the beginning will all admit we didn’t have a supply.

This was the second most egregious lie I heard. The first was “remove your chairs, the virus knows when you are sitting down! You can stand 6′ apart but we’ll take your food permit if you sit 6′ apart!”

We all know we were lied to about the masks. This is all I needed to know. They lied then, they are lying now.

Many people didn’t care or notice they had been lied to. They excused the powers and experts because they just weren’t ready. What? War was declared and we weren’t ready? Yes, after all the experts are paid they still couldn’t foresee this country needing masks. It’s criminal and laughable.

Masks were never the fix. In a controlled environment masks work. Science says so. Science also says they are not 100% sure they know how a virus spreads. Masks use was developed out of marketing research and real life experience. If you recall, we were asked to wear them once they had them. That didn’t fly. Next they said they really don’t protect the user, just the other person. That worked well. This promoted the division government is addicted to. They began the division by closing hair salons etc. and furthered it by telling people mask use is for the other person.

If divide and conquer does not apply to our government, what does? We are living proof! How many friends did you lose? How divided are we? Government cannot bring people together, not anymore. Their stock and trade is division.

Neighbor turned on neighbor, friend against friend and relatives against relatives until facebook became the Tipton Soil for hate and bitterness.

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