2020 will be discussed long after we are gone. What I find the fascinating is the human behavior we all witnessed. What is also just as fascinating is the opinion people held. These opinions were driven by religion, politics, age, race and location and not in that order.

Opinions, like most of the news today, become facts to some. Once it is said on TV, radio or the internet and it fits someone’s thinking, it’s fact. There is no need for debate after that. Not that it stops us! Ha!

We were fed information, biased and othewise from the clergy, politicians, keyboard surfers and anyone who could walk upright. What people decided to believe became their religion. Religion because a lot of faith was required. I don’t blame anyone, wait, I blame 100% on the government! Ha! They began the dissemination of the information and to date, have been wrong everytime.

I never cared for all the terms they, the government, came up with to sell us what they essentially turned into a consumable product. Social distancing for example. There isn’t anything social about it. But it’s a kind soft word they could use to sell us on the idea. 6′ was made up out of thin air as most of us know how far a cough or sneeze can carry.

Essential businesses. This made up term sold like gamestock. Communities turned on small businesses like we invented the C-19. Because we have seating “they” designated us a restaurant. A lot of folks did not care for that! Ha!

Essential was decided by the government. They decided they could pick and choose who to close. Just the fact they gave themselves this right is alarming enough. But what’s more alarming was the bare faced fact they had no idea the fall out from this. Did it work? UUUU,,, no. Even though the juice was not worth the squeeze, they used the threat of a repeat performance to drive mask use.

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