We are now in year 2 of air hand shakes, elbow bumping, shaming others, hating on others and everything else we are good at.

I told the Governor of our fine state that if he would turn this mess over to business and the people they serve, the problem will get fixed. Why? We don’t run for reelection! ha!

Please take notice of all of the great products and service innovations as a result of public demand. Of course the public didn’t demand with their voices, they demanded through their pocket books.

Had we been informed with honest information, the very places they closed, because you know, 1 on 1 at a hair salon is much more dangerous than what was happening at the big stores, along with the too big to close stores, we would have figured out how to do business during a pandemic. People would’ve told us by their habits and movements what they wanted and needed. We enjoy proof of that everyday.

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