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Randy, thanks for the quick reply. Fantastic customer service and I’m sure your business will excell under your leadership. Thanks!



Would like to thank Randy Good and his entire staff today for making us all feel so welcome. Thank you for the presentation and tour, thank you for the sample!, thank you for taking the time to treat us so wonderfully. I’ve had chocolate from Florida to Canada and by FAR yours is truly the best!

Carla Ellington


Want to say “thanks!”—my mom & I so enjoyed our mom’s cones Saturday -we often stop @ goods for ice cream when I visit from Ohio–we feel it is our “mothers day tradition” now 🙂

Linda Darlington Pugsley


Dear Mr. Good,

There aren’t words to tell you how impressed the children were with your visit. You did an incredible job. You’ve no idea how much learning increases when students have a “being there” experience. I really, really appreciate your visit.

Nicky R.

Eastern Hancock School

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