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Founding Story

Good's began with a quirky event. The Original Mrs. Good (Pauline) purchased candy recipes from her brother and sister in law, Garnet and Dehlia who had their own candy shop. They had began Lowery's Candies (Lowery was Mrs. Good's maiden name) in their basement in 1940. In 1960 Garnet and Dehlia sold their business to Dehlia's nephew. They followed that up by selling the recipes to Mr. and Mrs. Good. (John and Pauline)

No one complained as Garnet and Dehlia sold their business twice! Mr. and Mrs. Good live 30 miles away and that was a long distance through east central Indiana in 1960. All seemed well.

Good's Candies began in earnest in 1961. Mrs. Good, a true entrepreneur, had already been making and selling peanut brittle and caramel corn. She had tried other ventures too like raising turkeys.

She invited her two children into the business including their spouses to help her.

In 1970 Mrs. Good had a massive stroke which immobilized her physically and mentally. Her two children gained ownership as Mr. Good, (John) awarded the business equally to them.

This partnership lasted about 5 years. John's son, John R and his wife Freda sold his half to his sister Nelda.

In 1981 John and Freda opened up their own Good's in Anderson Indiana. They employed their only daughter Shelly to assist them. They worked together for 10 years. Shelly moved away and John and Freda sold to their middle son Randy, who owns Good's to this day.

Good’s Today

Randy Good has owned Good's since 1992. He employed his parents, John and Freda who decided not to retire. Randy hand dipped all the chocolates, just like all other family members who were in the business. This method, especially at the rate the business was growing, was physically demanding. His career was going to be a short one if changes weren't made.

In 2000, the now Good's Candy Shop, had quadrupled in size with Randy still hand dipping. The pieces were now into the millions he was

dipping each year. This was unsustainable so the search was on to move past hand dipping.

Each industry expert advised Randy to alter his recipes so he could add some machinery. After all, the largest and most famous candy makers around the world had done so. Randy knew the recipes were the key to his popular candy. Altering these nearly one hundred year old recipes were out of the question.

Randy had always dreamed of being in business. At 11 he began finding soda pop bottles once he discovered they were worth a nickel. He'd ride his bike around country roads searching for that discarded bounty. Once cashing them in, he was hooked on business.

By 1991 he owned some donut shops in and around the Anderson Indiana area in the 80's and did quite well. A severe allergy to grains

developed, especially wheat flour, the main ingredient in a donut, was making him very ill. He had mentioned wanting to buy the candy shop if ever available

and that opportunity presented itself in 1992. Never having worked a day in it he took over with grand aspirations. He sold his donut operation and continued

to pursue self employment.

Randy decided to invest in some machinery with a big idea. He decided he would try altering that machinery as opposed to altering his

family recipes. After a lot of time, energy and money, he recalls fondly the first time he was able to send a single piece of candy, down what is called

an enrober, the first time successfully. By the time it had reached the end, he knew what he'd done. He just developed the chance to grow with unlimited

restraint. He began drawing up plans for a new facility.

In 2004 he spent from May to September 30th building a brand new production and sales facility. Being told he couldn't build one that fast

was of no deterrent. He was the designer, contractor, carpenter and decorator to ensure he got what he wanted in the time needed.

On October 1st of that year Good's Candy Shop opened in the first built from the ground up Candy Shop in east central Indiana.

According to his business plan he was going to add ice cream in 2009. By 2007 he had reached his sales mark for 2009. In 2008 Good's was

making super premium ice cream. In 2009 he built on a 1500 sq ft ice cream addition. Since then he's built a warehouse, a larger kitchen area and an

additional storage building. The ice cream venture began with a single door refrigerator and a 2 door freezer. Today there are 2 walk in coolers, 2 walk in

freezers and 2 walk in blast sub zero freezers along with three small batch ice cream machines.

Good's Candy Shop, with fresh fudge, a huge selection of moulded chocolates, a line of snack corn, truffles and an ever growing selection of fine chocolates along with their 35 flavors of ice cream on the board everyday, offer the largest selection in the entire state of Indiana.

Our Commitment

Pride, an eye for detail, a demand for only the best in quality, selection and service drives us to be the best. Only the best will do for our guests. From the minute a guest drives onto our parking lot to the end of the transaction, nothing has been left to chance.

We work everyday to make the lives of our guests, employees, friends and vendors just a little sweeter. Discover for yourself as it's demonstrated in every bite, every time.


Good’s Candy Shop is blessed with the greatest customers in the world .We truly appreciate feedback, and we enjoy sharing it with you. What our happy customers say is better than anything we tell you. Take a minute to read what others have told us, and if you would like to add your comments, please email Randy Good at

Randy, thanks for the quick reply. Fantastic customer service and I’m sure your business will excell under your leadership. Thanks!



Would like to thank Randy Good and his entire staff today for making us all feel so welcome. Thank you for the presentation and tour, thank you for the sample!, thank you for taking the time to treat us so wonderfully. I’ve had chocolate from Florida to Canada and by FAR yours is truly the best!

Carla Ellington


Want to say “thanks!”—my mom & I so enjoyed our mom’s cones Saturday -we often stop @ goods for ice cream when I visit from Ohio–we feel it is our “mothers day tradition” now 🙂

Linda Darlington Pugsley


Dear Mr. Good,

There aren’t words to tell you how impressed the children were with your visit. You did an incredible job. You’ve no idea how much learning increases when students have a “being there” experience. I really, really appreciate your visit.

Nicky R.

Eastern Hancock School

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